Humanitarian ID is helping responders coordinate during disasters and crises by providing up-to-date contact lists. As a humanitarian responder, you can create and manage your own profile.

Person using a phone to check in

Check in and out of emergencies

Are you responding to the crisis in Bangladesh, working in Nigeria or Iraq? Make sure to check into the respective contact lists on Humanitarian ID to keep yourself and others up to date. If you would like to learn more about how to check into contact lists, watch our YouTube Video Tutorial. If you are interested in other topics, such as creating your own lists, filtering contact lists or simply editing your profile, have a look at our Video Tutorial Playlist.

Person managing lists on phone

Humanitarian Contact Lists 2.0

From the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 to the tropical cyclones in Mozambique in the Spring of 2019 Humanitarian ID is the first choice to manage humanitarian contact lists in large scale emergencies. Today over 60.000 humanitarian responders connect with each other on Humanitarian ID. Increased usage has pushed us to constantly improve this “self-managed” approach to contact lists. With Humanitarian ID version 2, we do not only introduce a new design but also new features and an even more seamless user-experience to humanitarian responders all around the world!