Humanitarian IDHumanitarian ID

Humanitarian ID is helping responders coordinate during disasters and crises by providing up-to-date contact lists. As a humanitarian responder, you can create and manage your own profile.


Manageable contact lists

With self-management, contact list details become controlled by the responders themselves. Although groups like UN-OCHA and humanitarian clusters will have management oversight, the work required will be greatly minimized.

Find and connect

Whether you are looking for a friend or relevant contact (e.g. a shelter expert in Les Cayes), the Humanitarian ID contact list will make this feasible from your desktop or mobile device.

Verified users & security

Humanitarian ID includes the verification of user accounts enabling people to find each other safely. We have designed the app with security and privacy in mind.

Mobile first

The Humanitarian ID app has been built “mobile-first”. All design and technical choices were driven with mobile considerations first.

One account, many properties

There are nine websites that make use of the Humanitarian ID authentication service with more expected to be added over 2017. You will have one account that can manage your experience on multiple platforms.

Future features

We have plenty of ideas and are constantly adding new features to Humanitarian ID. Subscribe to our email list to be notified as changes are planned and come online.

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