Weekly wrap up – 3 April 2015

Another week has passed meaning that the team has wrapped up the Johnny Cash development sprint and we are ready to give you another update. Where as last week saw the visible introduction of a couple major features, this week included a collection of smaller visible changes and the ground-work for major features that will come in the next two weeks. In the early days of the Philippines pilot, we received very consistent feedback about wording and layout when editing a user's profile page.

We took a big step forward this week to address many of those concerns. We adjusted the phone number field including the addition of an "extension" field, renamed VOIP to Instant Messengers, added Skype as a pre-selected Instant Messennger option to help answer the "What is this?" question,  implemented data validation on the social media / website URL field, and simplified the wording on several buttons.


On the global profile, we also added features that were suggested by users in the Philippines. As you can see in the screen shot below, we have enabled the ability to easily request a password reset or the deletion of your account.


 In regards to the features coming in the next two weeks, you should expect to hear about locking crisis (to make them private to only verified users), organization managers, images for profiles, and further data compression (to make the application even faster in slow bandwidth environments).

A contact named Sue, The Humanitarian ID Team