Vanuatu launches and makes an impact

Wow! Before we could even get this post online, Humanitarian ID had an impact on the response to Tropical Typhoon Pam in Vanuatu. Originally, we had only planned to have one pilot - the Philippines. But, with the deployment of Yaelle Link, an HID team member, to Vanuatu, we decided to open up a second pilot 2 days ago. In early briefings, the in-country humanitarian community has been very supportive and decided they wanted to roll out Humanitarian ID. However, it was the story that Yaelle skyped the team today that really showed us the impact that HID can have.


The short story is that Greenpeace offered to send their Rainbow Warrior to help deliver relief items, but needed to connect with in-country humanitarians. Leveraging Humanitarian ID, which had only just been launched in Vanuatu, they found Yaelle. A simple phone call and they were connected to a humanitarian in-country.

It was that easy. Their information was then relayed to the Logistics cluster so that their relief efforts would align and bolster the overall response. Measuring the value-add or impact of any coordination effort is difficult at best. Humanitarian ID is a core element to good coordination so measuring our impact in concrete numbers may prove challenging. But, yesterday’s story is a perfect example of what we expect it will bring to the community.

Responders will quickly find, connect, and collaborate with each other at the time of a humanitarian crisis. By making this process faster and smoother, the responders will have more time to focus on what is needed most: saving lives and alleviating suffering. We are definitely pleased the Vanuatu humanitarian community offered us the opportunity to support their response.


Making an impact, The Humanitarian ID team