Time for change!


Exactly two years ago, during the Nepal Earthquake response, we launched the first version of Humanitarian ID. Humanitarian ID represents a new way of managing humanitarian contacts, putting responders in control of their contact information and providing simple ways to find colleagues and stay informed.

Since its launch, more than 8,000 humanitarian responders from over 400 different organizations from all around the world have checked into Humanitarian ID. We would like to say thank you.

This month we launched Humanitarian ID version 2.0 with a complete new design, a refined search engine, offline contact lists, extended profile functions, simplified list management and many more new features.

As with other social platforms, the success of Humanitarian ID depends on you, the user! Check that your profile is up to date - it only takes a second. Find a group to join or check into an operation. And please tell your colleagues about Humanitarian ID so we can continue to build our community.


Nothing stays the same, now it’s time for change, Your Humanitarian ID Team