The pilot goes "full steam"


Over the past several days, the Humanitarian ID team has been moving rapidly towards the second (more technical) week of the pilot in the Philippines. With teams working both in the Philippines and abroad, we are ready. Meetings this past week with the UN Resident Coordinator, UN-OCHA, IOM, UNFPA, Plan International, Philippines International NGO Network (including World Vision, CARE, Oxfam, ACF, etc.), WFP, WHO, and ICRC in Manila have all been very positive and the  humanitarian community is looking forward to helping us launch the Humanitarian ID project. In our meeting with the Resident Coordinator (RC), he noted that if he could register and check-in by himself after the meeting then we can know that Humanitarian ID is very usable.  We were excited this morning when we arrived in the office to find his details on the contact list. It seems our time and effort on usability has proved valuable. If the RC can do it, so can you.

Meanwhile the tech team wrapped up "pilot priority" tasks including testing and re-working of last week projects, adding managers' ability to check in and check out other users, implementing abilities to add new users to the system, expanding email notifications, and further old browser checks/warning.

Today, the first Humanitarian ID (technical) pilot sessions will be held in Manila. Having been joined by David Spira of Phase 2 Technology, Andrej Verity and David will work with the OCHA Philippines team to conduct sessions throughout the week in both Manila and Cotabato. Not only will the sessions provide an introduction and training, but will also focus on collecting verbal and non-verbal feedback to improve our solution.

As an extra method to capture and study how people interact with Humanitaran ID, the team will use special software to capture video of and system interaction by willing participants. We are really excited to get Humanitarian ID into the hand of real users as well as collect valuable feedback that we can use to improve our solution going forward.

One major milestone! The Humanitarian ID team.