The Job of an IMO

Have you ever deployed to a sudden-onset emergency and noticed 2-3 people sitting in the back of a tent, eyes glued to a laptop screen?

That’s us, information management officers, also known as IMOs. We assemble baseline data, estimate the number of affected people, create maps and monitor the humanitarian response. And yes, we also maintain contact lists for humanitarian responders.

Last week, UN OCHA conducted its’ flagship training on information management. It’s called IMPACT and included 35 IMOs from humanitarian operations across the globe. The training covered dozens of topics, including Humanitarian ID.

Managing contact lists isn’t always as easy as it looks - but Humanitarian ID is making it easier. Participants at IMPACT learned how to check people in and out of lists, use filters, and connect with services like MailChimp and Google Groups among other things. We may not be able to accommodate you at the next IMPACT, but you can learn all about Humanitarian ID at Support. Or you can talk to one of the people in the back of the tent.

Let’s make an impact,

Your Humanitarian ID Team