Removing duplication through integration

With several websites already vying for your attention during an emergency, HID knew that we had to provide a technical solution that could be integrated into the websites you already know and use. Having worked with the team previously, we knew that the two solutions overlapped when it came to contacts in emergencies.  At the same time as the HID pilot commenced in the Philippines, we worked closely with the team to integrate our Philippines contacts into their Philippines site.  Within a few days, we had deployed a direct connection between the two platforms.


Here is what it means for you:

  1. You only have to manage your contact details on one system - Humanitarian ID.
  2. Contact list management occurs only on one system - Humanitarian ID.
  3. You can access the same contacts through either Humanitarian ID or the Philippines contacts page. Confidently use whichever site best fits your needs.


  Integrating to make your job easier. The Humanitarian ID team