Others are checking in. Are you?

Exciting news from Humanitarian ID. With the first serious deployments of Humanitarian ID in April 2015, the word is spreading. More and more people have started to register on Humanitarian ID and check into emergencies. Troy Hallisey and Hayyaan Ahmad were wondering how we could analyse and visualise all the information coming out of Humanitarian ID. One question they wanted to address was: “where is everyone checking in?”.

So, they worked together to develop the below check-in map. By clicking on the points of the interactive map you will see additional information about the respective country, such as the top countries of origin of humanitarian responders, their organizational affiliation and their role in the crisis (e.g. cluster coordinator, GenCap advisor).


While everybody is talking about big data, Troy and Hayyaan have found a simple way to let everyone see the (anonymised) data behind Humanitarian ID. As the application continues to be rolled out officially in more and more countries, we will soon be able to do even better analysis of humanitarian responders’ capacity on the ground.

Checked in. The Humanitarian ID team