One key, many doors

Where do you go to find and share humanitarian information? Perhaps some of the sites you visit include ReliefWeb,, the IASC website, or ACAPS?

Most websites ask you to create an account to access all their features, and each new account means new IDs and passwords to remember. It's like carrying a big key-chain with you and trying to find the right key for every door. It can get frustrating. Wouldn’t it be better to have one key that opens many doors instead?


Your Humanitarian ID profile includes an 'authentication' service, allowing you to log-in to other humanitarian platforms using your Humanitarian ID account. No need to create a new profile or remember more passwords. Simple. More than 24,000 humanitarian and development actors already use their Humanitarian ID profile to log into a range of different websites.

In the coming weeks we're adding OCHA’s Online Project System (OPS) and Grant Management System (GMS) to the authentication service, with others in the pipeline.

So if your keychain is feeling too heavy, make it lighter with Humanitarian ID.