One for the Team

We’ve been thinking of what makes a good team and came up with three ingredients. Good teams are (1) diverse, (2) supportive, and (3) love what they do!

There are many ways a team can be diverse. For example the Humanitarian ID team has members with very different cultural backgrounds, experiences and ages. Our interns have been especially good at bringing fresh, new ideas and perspectives into Humanitarian ID.

Supporting each other is the whole idea of Humanitarian ID and we feel that we live it with dedication and passion. We believe that Humanitarian ID helps to make emergency responses better.

Every member of the team loves working on Humanitarian ID, even our smallest, Grenouille. Whenever the team faced new challenges he’d be there smiling, lifting our spirits. Unfortunately, the time has come for Grenouille and his companion, Yaëlle, to move on to new endeavours and we will dearly miss them.

No reason to despair, though. Grenouille and Yaëlle will keep their Humanitarian ID profile up to date, so that you can stay in touch wherever they are.

Onwards and upwards!

Grenouille and Yaëlle