New feature: My contacts

As we watched the contact lists in the Philippines (530) and Nepal (750) begin to really grow, we recognized that an ability for you to save "your contacts" would be a very nice feature. Well, wait no longer - it is ready. You can now add contacts to "My Contacts" and then quickly access them from the Humanitarian ID dashboard page.

How do I use it?

1) Search and find a contact (global or country specific)

2) View their profile

3) Click "Add to my Contacts"

4) Go to the Dashboard (Home)

5) Click on My Contacts

6) View your contacts

Beyond saving your contacts for easy access, we suspect that people will use this feature to remember people (post emergency), to save key global contacts and many other novel ideas. When we move to developing a smartphone/tablet application, it will likely be these contacts that synchronize for offline access.

Making your contacts even easier to find, The Humanitarian ID team