Nepal earthquake response gets help from Humanitarian ID

Pack your gear and Check IN

Following on the success in Vanuatu and the Philippines, Humanitarian ID is going live for Nepal to support emergency response. We have integrated HID directly into the "Contacts" function on As soon as responders "Check In" to the Nepal emergency they will appear in the contact list. With responders arriving from around the globe this will immediately facilitate coordination and communication among partners.

Please encourage your colleagues to register with the Humanitarian ID system and "Check In" to the Nepal earthquake response. This is how we will be building the contact lists for the emergency. The immediate value is that you can be in the list before you arrive and see how to reach your partners on the ground. And they can reach you.

The number of responders checking into Nepal is growing and we have barely started to announce the tool in Nepal so it looks like we're off to a great start. Before you deploy, pack your gear, register your contact details, and "Check in" to the emergency at /.

You can even use the browser on your phone to get the job done.

The Humanitarian ID team