Meeting your match in Cox’s Bazar

The humanitarian response to the Rohingya Refugee Crisis has been building up over the past six months, with hundreds of thousands Rohingya people crossing the border into Bangladesh.

Last week we heard from a health expert working in a field hospital in Cox’s Bazar, who received an email from a colleague from another international NGO: “I got your email address from Humanitarian ID and thought that you might be able to assist me with some training of our national staff.” The health expert told us it was a really useful initiative and that it may not have happened if not for Humanitarian ID.

A young girl receives her oral vaccine at a cholera vaccination point in Kutupalong Makeshift Settlement, Cox’s Bazar, Banglades

It is always difficult to keep track of the many humanitarian responders in any crisis. In Cox’s Bazar, colleagues from over 60 different organizations are on Humanitarian ID. Find your match.

Connecting responders, Your Humanitarian ID Team