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We are happy to announce that two more platforms – DART and Factr – are now offering to log into their sites with Humanitarian ID! Now you can use your Humanitarian ID login credentials on 8 different websites!


The Dynamic Analysis and Reporting Tool (DART) is an online data management system that allows users to explore, analyse and visualise data collected through collaborative profiling exercises. To promote a common understanding and joint  analysis of the data, the DART now provides a space for users to work in groups to create, discuss and download draft reports.

Factr is a technology platform that enables organizations to share custom streams of information by combining aggregation with direct reporting. Intelligence can be collaboratively tagged, mapped, discussed, and evaluated to improve shared situational awareness and facilitate more effective response. Streams can be shared publicly or privately for easy information sharing with partner organizations and communities and reporting tools enable teams to quickly generate and distribute reports to stakeholders across their networks.

Dart and Factr join a growing number of humanitarian platforms who have integrated HID. You can already move across ReliefWeb,, IASC , ACAPS, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and the Humanitarian Exchange Language proxy tool seamlessly.


If you are a developer and interested in the authentication service, check out the developers’ guidance and get in touch with us

Eight is not enough,

The Humanitarian ID team

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