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Log into ReliefWeb with your Humanitarian ID

We are thrilled to announce that you can now log into ReliefWeb with your Humanitarian ID (HID) account. Launched 20 years ago, ReliefWeb is the world’s largest humanitarian information repository. HID has been featured on ReliefWeb’s Labs section since our beta version. Now, in discussions between the ReliefWeb and HID teams*, we have decided that the HID service is mature enough to be extended to ReliefWeb’s log-in functionality. It is a big day for HID.

Why log in to ReliefWeb with HID?

ReliefWeb gives account holders the ability to save their favorite content as well as sign up and manage a range of subscription services. Using your HID account to login not only means that you have one less account to remember. It also means that you can begin moving across and interacting with different web sites, such as ReliefWeb and, much more seamlessly. As well, in the future, we aim to provide you with the ability to to enable personalization elements on ReliefWeb based on your Humanitarian ID profile.

How does it work?

Let’s imagine that you want to log into ReliefWeb, or register for a new account, to update your subscriptions. You simply go to, choose to Login/Register, and you will see Humanitarian ID as a login option.


Log in or Register with HID on ReliefWeb

There are four possible scenarios you may encounter:

  1. You have neither a Humanitarian ID nor a ReliefWeb account. In this case, you register and create a Humanitarian ID account, which also gives you access to ReliefWeb.
  2. You have a ReliefWeb account but not a HID account. You can continue to log into ReliefWeb directly. However, we recommend that you create a Humanitarian ID account with the email address you use for your ReliefWeb account. That way, your ReliefWeb and HID accounts will be connected, thereby reducing the number of accounts and passwords you have to remember.
  3. You have a Humanitarian ID account but not a ReliefWeb account. In this scenario, you can simply login with your Humanitarian ID account and you will have access to all of ReliefWeb’s features.
  4. You have both a Humanitarian ID and ReliefWeb account. Assuming that these accounts both use the same primary email address, you can simply choose to login with your Humanitarian ID account and your accounts will be connected.

Further to ReliefWeb, you can also log into with your Humanitarian ID account. Other sites, such as ActivityInfo, Humanitarian Data Exchange, Inter-Agency Standing Committee, Sahel Online Reporting SystemShelter Cluster, and UN Jobs, are currently investigating technical integrations with Humanitarian ID for login purposes. Expect more to come!

If you are a developer and interested in the authentication service, check out the developers’ guidance and get in touch with us.

Removing your need for so many passwords,
The Humanitarian ID team

*Both Humanitarian ID and ReliefWeb are digital services of UN-OCHA for the humanitarian community.


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Humanitarian ID is a centralized humanitarian contact management solution to be used in humanitarian crisis.