Humanitarian ID in 2018: A Mid-Year Check-In

Humanitarian ID has grown over time into a worldwide community. As of June, we counted 49,403 registered humanitarian workers from more than 2,000 organizations in 184 countries. Let us share with you some of the findings from our 2018 mid-year review report.

One key to many platforms

We are glad to report that Humanitarian IDs have been used to login into affiliated humanitarian platforms more than 170,000 times since January and we expect to see this number increase in coming months. There are now 24 humanitarian platforms using our authentication, while 12 more are in the process of implementing it.

Supporting coordination through contact list management

Our mission is to help humanitarian workers connect by providing the community with up-to-date contact lists. From January to June, nearly 8,200 users have “checked into” contact lists and 228 new contact lists were created by users. Among the most popular lists during this period are the Rohingya crisis Cox’s Bazar list, with more than 300 humanitarian workers checked in, and the Democratic Republic of Congo list, featuring more than 500 humanitarian workers responding to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Connecting humanitarians all over the world

While field focused, the reach of Humanitarian ID is global; it has been used in more than 180 countries since January 2018. The top locations (per session) are: United States - 4,680, Iraq - 3,011, Bangladesh - 2,925, Turkey - 2,827, Democratic Republic of the Congo - 2,804, Kenya - 2,509, United Kingdom - 2,223, Yemen - 2,153, South Sudan - 2,144, Nigeria - 2,068.


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