Going social

You may have noticed it: A new Humanitarian ID release is out with plenty of new features. Some of these features are very visible, others are not. Let us introduce three of them now.

Number 1: safety first. We have added a security feature that temporarily locks an account if too many incorrect passwords are attempted. The system blocks the account for three minutes and an email alert is sent to the user (and our administrator) just in case somebody is trying to hack your account. We have also added a little feature that let’s you see how strong your password is when creating or updating your account.  

Number 2: the visible one. Whenever you check into a country you can now share your Humanitarian ID check in on Facebook and LinkedIn. On your homepage (or dashboard), you will find the respective social media buttons next to any countries where you have checked in.

Upon clicking, for example Facebook, you can post your check in to your timeline:

Number 3: maintaining accuracy. When checking into an emergency in Humanitarian ID, you can specify your departure date. Even if you do not know your exact departure date, we suggest that you make an educated guess. If your set departure date has passed and you have not yet checked out, you will receive an email notification (48 hours after the departure date) asking if you are still in country. You can then either quickly update your profile with your new departure date or simply check-out. If you take no action, the system will automatically check you out of the country 2 weeks later.  

We hope you like it. The Humanitarian ID team