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From the very beginning of the Humanitarian ID project, we have known that bringing you an app for your Apple or Android mobile device was important. Being able to find contacts from your phone or tablet, while on the move, is critical.


We started with a mobile-responsive design so that anyone could access Humanitarian ID through any browser – phone, tablet or desktop. It lets us test many features while remaining agile in our development efforts.


Today, in time for the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), we are taking another step forward. You can now install an app on your Apple or Android device.





Most importantly, the app will store your Custom Contact Lists and any viewed contacts locally, so that they are available should you you lose a data connection. And, the app will work the same as our website so you will not encounter a different interface.



And, if you happen to be at World Humanitarian Summit, feel free to stop by our booth in the Innovation Marketplace.


Putting contacts in your pocket,

The HID Team

Humanitarian ID
About Humanitarian ID
Humanitarian ID is a centralized humanitarian contact management solution to be used in humanitarian crisis.