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Connection lost?!

We’ve all been there before. Panic, sweat, adult language, or dropping our head on the table out of despair. A power cut. Or perhaps the wifi connection is simply gone. You start to think: “what good is the great invention called the Internet if I can’t rely on it?”.

Your computer and smartphone are still working – at least for a while – but without any internet connection. You stare sadly at your screen, which has just flashed you the non-promising words “You are not connected to the internet.”. You start to click through the open tabs in your browser in despair while knowing nothing will work….but wait, something still seems to be working. It is Humanitarian ID! You click on one of your custom contact lists and a new page opens. You still see all your contacts. Magic.

How did we trick the system?  Asking Hayyaan Ahmad, one of our top-notch developers, he will explain to you that he has developed “offline capabilities” by storing (aka caching) certain pages and profile locally. He will continue on about how, when online, Humanitarian ID by-passes your local storage so that you are guaranteed to always see the latest. When online, your custom contact lists, along with anything you view, are being encrypted and stored locally – just in case you lose Internet connection. True, at the end of the day, it may just seem like magic to us non-technical folk.

What does this all mean? It means that even when you have lost Internet connection, you can find the important contacts in your custom lists and any others you recently viewed. We wouldn’t want something like the Internet to get in the way of your contacts.

Stay connected,

The Humanitarian ID team

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Humanitarian ID is a centralized humanitarian contact management solution to be used in humanitarian crisis.