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We are thrilled to announce that you can now log into ACAPS new website with your Humanitarian ID (HID) account. Launched on 26 April, the, ACAPS new site aims to provide the humanitarian community with timely, comprehensive, and independent analysis to help responders plan and build their humanitarian response. Providing such a service to the humanitarian community is important and we are excited that ACAPS has chosen to integrate with HID.

Why log in to ACAPS with HID?

ACAPS accounts enable users to to select which countries they would like to follow and to create their own custom reports, focusing on the sectors or topics that interest them. Using your HID account to login not only means that you have one less account to remember, it means that you can begin moving across and interacting with different web sites, such as ReliefWeb,, IASC and the Humanitarian Exchange Language proxy tool  much more seamlessly.
How does it work?

Let’s imagine that you want to log into ACAPS, or register for a new account, to follow humanitarian crises and built your custom reports. You simply go to, choose to Login or Register, and you will see Humanitarian ID as a login option.



There are four possible scenarios you may encounter:

  1. You have neither a Humanitarian ID nor an ACAPS account. In this case, you register and create a Humanitarian ID account, which also gives you access to ACAPS.
  2. You have an ACAPS account but not an HID account. You can continue to log into ACAPS directly. However, we recommend that you create a Humanitarian ID account with the email address you use for your ACAPS account. That way, your ACAPS and HID accounts will be connected, thereby reducing the number of accounts and passwords you have to remember.
  3. You have a Humanitarian ID account but not an ACAPS account. In this scenario, you can simply login with your Humanitarian ID account and you will have access to all of ACAPS’ features.
  4. You have both a Humanitarian ID and an ACAPS account. Assuming that these accounts both use the same primary email address, you can simply choose to log in with your Humanitarian ID account and your accounts will be connected.

If you are a developer and interested in the authentication service, check out the developers’ guidance and get in touch with us. As an FYI, ACAPS used the  latest dev version of the HybridAuth Social Drupal module to enable HID login on their site.

One less password,

The Humanitarian ID team

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Humanitarian ID is a centralized humanitarian contact management solution to be used in humanitarian crisis.