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Documentation for H.ID Managers

Documentation for Managers

Find out how to create a contact, how to enable open or closed/protected groups and much more.

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Demos / Training

Steps for a generic HID Introductory Demo

The estimated time to deliver this demonstration (without questions) is about 15 minutes. How to create a global profile, how to check in… show it all!

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Steps for an Advanced HID Training

The estimated time to deliver this is about 2 to 3 hours. It covers where to find support, how the authentication services work, a demonstration of features as well as an overview of future plans. 

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Examples of PPT Presentations

Humanitarian ID Presentation - Generic

A fairly light presentation – good for those who are not familiar with information management in the humanitarian context.

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Humanitarian ID Presentation - Template for OCHA and Partner IMOs

A presentation that is a lot more specific than the generic presentation. It may seem quite heavy but will be good for an audience consisting of OCHA colleagues and IM partners.

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Launch Planning strategies

7 tips on how to roll out Humanitarian ID

Familiarize yourself, play the tamtam and show patience. In a nutshell: Take the challenge!

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Launch Planning

Use the launch planning template  and read through the examples of launch planning strategies.

Launch Planning NepalTemplate Launch Planning

User Stories

User Stories

Learn about Trish Green, the OCHA IMO in country, Tesfi Germani the WASH Cluster Lead and many others to find out how Humanitarian ID helps them.

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